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Free Audio Mixer 3.0

This application allows you to mix and record audio files
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Free Audio Mixer 3.0 is an application that allows you to mix different audio files together among other things. The program also allows you to record sounds from your computer so that you can use them and mix them with any audio file. The program might be a little difficult to use when you first launch it, but you can go to the help menu and it will help you to figure out how to mix your audio files and how to get the most profit out of it.
Free Audio Mixer 3.0 supports both Mp3 and WAV files. The program allows you to play two songs at the same time. The program's main window is divided in two parts. There are two different play lists (A and B). On each list you will be able to add different songs and then you will be able to change some of the audio files settings, such as volume, pitch and position.
Free Audio Mixer 3.0 allows you to add file per file or to add a group of files (even a folder), directly on the software's main window.
The program can be used by beginners and experts. If you want to keep things simple, you can use a button that will auto-mix the files you select. The application also allows you to add cool audio effects to your music files.

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  • It allows you to mix and record your audio files
  • It has cool audio effects to add to your audio files
  • It allows you to edit your audio files
  • It provides you with information about your audio files


  • It only allows you to mix and save the audio files as Mp3 and WAV
  • It might be a bit difficult to use at first
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